Chicken Coop



Why the FYC?

For the benefit of the birds, we set out to create a healthy, safe and complete home. For the owners we insisted that it was both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally forward. We also wanted it to be the ultimate in turnkey startup: ready to use, no experience necessary.

Our coops incorporate an electric fence that repels predators. As of this writing we are the only coop on the market to do so and we feel that this is an essential upgrade to consider. The coops we offer are the result of our years of experiences with our chickens. We have tried all manner of strategies for their care and protection. We are not real farmers, but began as hobbyists with a few chickens roaming around our front yard and back yard. We name our chickens and enjoy them as pets, so when we suffer a loss, it is on a personal and connected level. Hawks and raccoons are the primary culprits. When we first wired our stationary pen, we thought that if the wire was buried, our birds would be safe. We came out one morning and a raccoon had actually reached through the 2”x2” wire, grabbed a bird, and managed to eat all of it except for the pelvic bone, which it could not yank through the opening. Naturally it was my 9 year olds favorite bird at the time. We went back to the drawing board. We tried smaller screening but the predators still found ways to slaughter chickens. When the hawks started swooping in from above and taking their toll we added a netting roof.

We found that a fixed coop and pen full of chickens led to complete defoliation. Our storybook chicken yard soon looked post-apocalyptic. This was coupled with a concentration of droppings that had the potential for unhealthy conditions, as birds can get mites and worms without “clean” dirt. The Front Yard Coop eliminates the hygiene problems of a stationary coop. Moving the birds gives them fresh forage, distributes their impact, and spreads their manure. The coop can be moved to your front yard or your back yard or can even be rolled over to the neighbors to share the organic wealth.

Chickens like to have an area where they can be undercover for safety and protection from the sun and rain. This is also where they can go if one of the chickens puts out a special warning cluck, which is usually Chickenese for “hawk overhead—run and hide.” In our yard, the chickens’ favorite hiding places are under either a large beech tree or blue spruce near their pen, or under the eaves outside the coop door. We wanted to provide built-in protection from both weather and overhead predators, so our design places the chicken coop above the pen.

We love raising chickens and they have become a huge part of our lives. However, not being full time farmers, there are sometimes things on the family agenda that get in the way of closing in the birds for the night. When the sun sets, the most aggressive chicken predators come out, so it is dangerous if your chickens aren’t shut safely inside their coop after dark. Sometimes we have even wanted a weekend away and have been tied down by the needs of the flock. When you can provide enough food and water for your chickens, nothing can get at it or them, and they can roost safely at night, you can stop worrying about leaving home for the weekend. You can have your chickens and your social life.

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