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The Front Yard Coop 5 Gallon Nipple Waterer


Poultry waterers have remained unchanged for umpteen years-- A container with a drinking pan at the base. The pans fill up with dirt, debris and droppings.  Enter the nipple waterer. This style chicken waterer has long been popular in larger farms for all the right reasons. Nipple waterers are hygenic, clean and non spilling.

Frontyard Coop has taken the concept to a new level by offering nipple waterers  in stainless steel, with welded seams.

Waterer Top

Chickens are instinctively attracted to the red of the nipple and drip cup. They quickly see the shiny drop of water hanging from the nipple’s stem and give it an exploratory peck and voila!   The bird is “trained”. We have seen this each time birds are introduced to our coops. They invariably find the water source in under a quarter hour.

These are for wall or post mount only, and comes with clips and screws for hanging.

Measures 5"x 5"x 45" and holds 5 gallons of water.

Buy one now and leave it in your will for your grandchildren!



     Which would you rather drink out of?